What To Expect In Court

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE SAFE IN THE COURTHOUSE AND THE COURTROOM. Your abuser may try to threaten or scare you in the courthouse. He may also try to stop the case by telling you he is sorry about the abuse and promising not to hurt you anymore. Even it you think that you may get back together, having an Order of Protection may prevent more violence in the future. If he promises to stop the abuse, it is always better to have the judge hear the promise; this could be done by agreeing to an Order of Protection.

You do not have to speak with or sit near your abuser. If he tries to intimidate you or you are pressured in any way, go immediately to a clerk or anyone else who works there and ask for help.

If the abuser does not come to the hearing, your case will be adjourned and you will be given a new court date. You can ask the judge to issue a warrant for his arrest. If you have a Temporary Order of Protection, you may also need to ask for it to be extended until the next court date.

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